NEW from T-H Marine: Fishing Reel Lubricant and Care Kits

NEW from T-H Marine: Fishing Reel Lubricant and Care Kits

August 08, 2022

If you neglect your reel, it will eventually lead to the same result as neglecting your engine: poor performance and gears seizing up. That never needs to happen though, not when you put a few minutes toward maintenance and not when you have high quality fishing reel lubricant from T-H Marine.

Why Every Angler Needs Fishing Reel Lubricant

Everything wears down eventually, but it’s always a sad day when a prized piece of gear starts to underperform. For reels, the culprits are often dirt, old greases, oils, and other contaminants working against moving parts. Try as you might to cast and retrieve as smoothly as you used to, coarse grains and gunk can get in the way and prevent you from landing fish.

Good reels can be expensive, too, making it well worth it to invest a small fraction of the new-reel-cost in maintenance products.

Fishing Reel Lubricant Options, Applicator Types, and Care Kits

When you have a high-performing fishing reel lubricant, it will coat surfaces efficiently and effectively. For greases, they will bond with surfaces and, despite that strong hold, they will enable smooth movement. For oils, they will lightly coat without a greasy glaze, easily lubricating and preventing corrosion with just one step.

To provide that kind of special sauce that’s ideal for reels, and perfect to protect tools, locks, latches, hinges, winches, and other equipment, T-H Marine launched its G-FORCE Reel Oil Line and the variety of options listed below.G-Force Reel Oil Needle Oiler - Fishing Reel Lubricant

G-FORCE® Reel Oil Needle Oiler

Precision is the name of the game with the G-FORCE® Reel Oil Needle Oiler. You’ll love how it helps you approach hard to reach places in your equipment, delivering the high quality one step cleaner right where you need it.

Unlike WD-40 and other degreasers, which can harm your fishing reels, boat, and other equipment, Reel Oil is a fishing reel lubricant that is designed to be gentle on most surfaces, including foam, cork, synthetics, or other common rod and reel materials. That doesn’t mean you want any extra mess or waste though, so the Needle Oiler is your best tool for zeroing in on Reel Oil targets.

(And if you own a tackle shop and are part of our T-H Marine Dealer Express program, you can get retail display jars that are perfect for checkout kiosks)

G-Force Reel Oil Pump Sprayer - Fishing Reel LubricantG-FORCE® Reel Oil Pump Sprayer

When you need to spray broader areas of your gear, the G-FORCE® Reel Oil Pump Sprayer will mist but rarely miss.

The Pump Sprayer does this by aerating Reel Oil. Once aerated and propelled forward, the droplets of lubricant disperse and give you wider coverage. This gives you the best option for taking advantage of G-Force Reel Oil’s multifaceted benefits like using it to maintain wood accent surfaces.

G-Force Reel Oil Reel Care Kit - Fishing Reel LubricantG-FORCE® Reel Oil Reel Care Kit

Sometimes you need to address a targeted type of maintenance with your reels and other gear, but complete care is often the best care. That’s where the G-FORCE® Reel Oil Reel Care Kit goes the distance for you.

This kit gives you the tools and the variety of fishing reel lubricant you need, along with the best value, too. It includes the Reel Oil Needle Oiler, Pump Sprayer, Reel Grease, and several applicator tools.

Clean. Lubricate. Protect. Prevent.

Prevention is better than cure, but G-Force fishing reel lubricant may be just what you need to restore a reel that used to be your best. Wherever your reels are on that continuum, let G-Force get them right where they need to be so you can catch more fish.