Treble Threat: Easy, Accessible Tool and Tackle Storage for Boats of All Kinds

Treble Threat: Easy, Accessible Tool and Tackle Storage for Boats of All Kinds

May 09, 2022

Catch-all cupholders, random hooks and baits, and jumbles of other stuff — when you’re enjoying a day on the water, sometimes all that just comes with the territory. However, there are some great reasons to know your options as you research tool and tackle storage for boats, especially if it can mean even more than a dose of organization.

With some budget-friendly and innovative systems in place, you might not need to worry about random hooks that could jab a paw, a passenger, or you, and you can cut down on the time you spend accessing your beverage, phone, or the next bait.

Small Tool and Tackle Management Systems with Huge Potential

Tackle trays, boxes, backpacks, and other out-of-the-way storage spots are great, but they’re not always the most convenient places to access or temporarily hold gear. That’s why random items often accumulate in pedestal seat bases, cupholders, along the decking, and other spots around a boat. For easier, convenient, and accessible access to your tackle and other gear, consider these options.

1. Beverage, Fishing Accessory, and Tool Holders

Some boats might come equipped with drink holders, convenient places to put your phone, and easy-access tool storage, but there are a variety of boats where these features aren’t built in. It can be quite easy to change that though, as easy as adhering some 3M tape or securing a suction cup to a surface.

These sorts of upgrades from Tackle Titan can be simple and quite useful, especially on a jon boat, paddle boat, pontoon, or many other watercraft that don’t (yet) have the storage spots you need.

2. Lure Racks and Lure Hanger Systems

If your boat gets messier than you’d like, if your cup holders tend to be used for baits instead of beverages, and if you have some hooks laying around ready to snag you, your passengers, and your stuff, then Tackle Titan’s convenient lure storage options are just what you need.

For some of the easiest, quickest, and most hassle-free lure management, and one built to stand up to just about the worst environmental elements, consider Lure Racks and Lure Hanger Systems. Like all Tackle Titan products, these durable plastic racks are easy to put in place and easy to use. Simply start by locating where you want to put the lure rack, like the side of a console, an inner wall below the gunwale, or a similar vertical surface. Then select the best mounting option, whether that involves suction cups, 3M tape, or screws. With a Cook’s Go-To Tackle System and its tighter hook slits, you may even consider the underside of a deck lid.

Ranging in size and quantity, every T-H Marine lure rack has hook slots built into it, so all you have to do next is hang your baits whenever you’re cutting them from your line (or when you’re lining up additional go-to options).

3. Magnetic Lure Holders

With Magnetic Lure Holders, strong and durable magnets go one step further and take the place of the hook slots, so they do the work of pulling your baits near and keeping them there. They hold tight, too, even when hung on the underside of a compartment lid and when faced with some of the roughest chop. When you want to remove the hook or bait, simply slide it off the magnetic surface.

4. Foam Lure Holders

If you want some of the most convenient access possible, along with a design that withstands some of the harshest elements and one that provides an incredibly good hold, consider the Foam Lure Holder. When you hang a hook through the foam, it will hold tight and be ready for when you want to use it next or when you get a chance to stow it away in a tray after a day of maximizing your casting time. They are also sized and designed so you can hang a bunch of those hooks and baits along the foam’s surface area, even hooks attached to some of the heaviest and biggest baits,

Check Out Tool and Tackle Storage for Boats of All Kinds

T-H Marine has tool and tackle storage for boats of all kinds, and better yet, those products don’t break the bank, installation is easy, and quality is built into every product. This next season could be the best one yet, and Tackle Titan products are here to help.