Better Outboard Performance: 6 Ways the Atlas Changed Jack Plates Forever

August 03, 2017

When you have better outboard performance, there are perpetuating benefits and advantages for both boaters and anglers alike. That's why we strive to offer (and keep offering) improved design on our jack plates and all our products. Along the way, the improvements on the Atlas Jack Plate came to change world of jack plates forever.

6 Ways the Atlas Jack Plate Changed Jack Plates Forever

  1. Atlas jack plates are made by T-H Marine / CMC, who were the FIRST to offer an actuator inside the jack plate before our competition decided to copy us.
  2. Atlas jack plates were the first plate to offer pre-drilling for shallow water anchors. Once again, the competition copied.
  3. Atlas jack plates were the first and still the only plate that does not require regular grease lubrication. The competition hasn't figured out how to copy that one yet.
  4. Atlas jack plates were the first plate to include a heavy duty safety cable to protect boaters from any chance of the engine entering cockpit upon failure.
  5. Atlas jack plates were the first plate to offer very simple actuator replacement in the field.
  6. Atlas jack plates were the first major development in hydraulic jack plates in over a decade - spurring hydraulic jack plate improvement.

For Even Better Outboard Performance, Try the Heavy Duty Atlas

T-H Marine's Atlas jack plate is truly the next generation in jack plate design, built for the heaviest and most powerful outboard engines on the market today, even the big four strokes. Our innovative high tech engineered polymer rod and slot lifting design guarantees trouble free action.

This plate also features the newest concept in one-piece hydraulics from the most respected name in hydraulic design, providing the best of all worlds: Speed and Self contained lifting action. This all new pump will lift the heaviest outboard from bottom to top in less than 8 seconds.

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