8 Awesome Fishing Kayak Accessories Now Available From T-H Marine

8 Awesome Fishing Kayak Accessories Now Available From T-H Marine

May 16, 2022

There’s truly a lot to love about kayaks: They’re great for going solo, with friends, or with family. They pack up easily and can be ready to go in minutes. They can roll behind you along root-ridden, rutty, and rocky trails. They slip into just about any watery access point and get you into the narrowest of places for fishing, hunting, and wildlife-watching. Paired with the right equipment and know-how, kayaks make it so few bodies of water are out of reach — from casual creek paddling to determined fishing trips and long excursions, you can do it all. That’s honestly why it’s so exciting for T-H Marine to now offer these kayak fishing accessories and much more for the world of paddlesports.

Top Fishing Kayak Products Trusted by Pros and Avid Anglers

When you have a kayak accessory that performs an important job, is easy to transport and use, and is built ruggedly, you know it’s a great one. YakGear products have long been trusted to hit all these marks and more, so we’re highlighting several that are loved by kayak anglers and pros who’ve put them to the test.

1. FishStik Measuring Board

It measures, it floats, and it folds down compactly to easily stow away. The FishStik Measuring Board is an ideal measuring board for any fishing kayak, paddleboard, or gear bag.

FishStik Features:

  • Measures fish up to 36 inches long
  • Folds down to just 12 inches
  • Uses a raised 3.5 inch bump board and line slot to improve accuracy, increase angler efficiency, and minimize stress on fish
  • Floats in case it falls overboard
  • Available in Lime Green, White, HiViz Yellow, and Orange

2. YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick

8 Awesome Fishing Kayak Accessories Now Available From T-H Marine - Stake-Out Stick Shallow Water AnchorThe sploosh of an anchor isn’t exactly stealthy, not to mention the vibrations (“sounds”) from the anchor and the extra trouble deploying and retrieving it. These are many of the reasons why why so many larger fishing boats trust shallow water anchors to get the job done. The YakStick applies that concept so you can effortlessly and silently anchor your kayak in shallow waters.

  • Built with a lightweight, 6 foot long shaft
  • Floating design allows for easy retrieval
  • Foam grip provides comfortable hold when pushing through a variety of hard bottoms
  • Multi-purpose handle includes rope attachment point
  • Easily attaches to RailBlaza camera mount
  • Made of 7/8″ vertical and horizontal pultrusion-formed fiberglass, giving it unsurpassed strength
  • Can be flipped around to be used as a push pole mud foot or push off
  • Perfect for shallow coastal waters, shallow lakes, and stream

3. Kayak Outriggers

Kayak fishing shouldn’t only be for people who have a gymnast’s balance. Besides, we’re always hoping to catch that big ol’ lunker that bends the rod like never before, one that has you so excited you have to remind yourself where the boat’s edges are. Kayak outriggers give you that extra safety, stability, and buoyancy, helping to keep your boat from tipping over and helping steady the boat in choppy water. They’re also a must-have for sight-fishing on a kayak!

  • Kit includes 2 outriggers — 1 for each side of the boat
  • Provides safety and stability to any small vessel
  • Adjustable arms are 30” long
  • Connects to boat with RailBlaza StarPort HD (included in kit)
  • Attaches to a canoe with Hardie board and additional hardware (sold separately)

4. Fishing Rod Floats

There’s less between you and the water around you when you’re on a kayak. That gives you plenty of advantages, but it also means you might have a greater chance of losing a rod to the depths. To reduce that risk, YakGear Rod Floats are a simple and easy solution. Simply slip one onto your fishing pole, attach the velcro straps, and you’re done. They’re great for kids, too.

  • Keeps your rod and reel on top of the water if it slips out of your hands
  • Installs easily
  • Fits on all fishing poles


5. RailBlaza Kayak Wheels

8 Awesome Fishing Kayak Accessories Now Available From T-H Marine - Kayak CartsRailBlaza’s C-TUG kayak wheels continue to be a marvel of a product for the paddlesports world, especially for fishing kayak owners. They assemble quickly and without tools, they’re rugged enough for any trail, they have incredible strength, and they look good, too. Once you’ve reached your launch point, simply disassemble and stow them away.

  • Assembles without tools
  • Wheels are puncture-free
  • Weighs only 10 lbs. / 4.3 kg
  • Carries up to 300 lbs. / 120 kg
  • Includes built-in adjustable kickstand
  • Built strong with composite material, thermo-bonded elastomeric seat pads, and stainless steel reinforced axles


6. Kayak Accessory Mounting Systems

You don’t always have to drill more and more holes in your fishing kayak to add or change out accessories. In fact, when you have track mounting systems from T-H Marine’s YakGear and RailBlaza collections, you get unparalleled utility, capacity, and modularity. They’re strong, reliable, and easy to use so you can quickly connect fishing graphs, drink holders, rod holders, camera mounts, paddle clips, and more.

  • Provides quick mounting spots for fishing graphs, drink holders, rod holders, camera mounts, paddle clips, and more
  • Tracks hold several accessories with minimal drilling and installation work
  • Modular design allows for easy placement and removal of equipment
  • Manufactured for maximum strength and UV resistance
  • Compatible systems include YakGear Mounting Tracks, Track Nut kits, RailBlaza RailMounts, StarPort TracMounts, and accessory mounts

8 Awesome Fishing Kayak Accessories Now Available From T-H Marine - Kayak Accessory Mounting Systems


7. Kayak Camera Mounting

Between YakStick mounting, fixed StarPort Mounts, and the Camera Boom 600, RailBlaza and YakGear provide the best GoPro options on the market. With the Camera Boom 600 in particular, along with a USB StarPort and a power source, you can just turn your camera on and focus on fishing. Best of all, it can be mounted just about anywhere.

  • Adjusts with a single hand using R-Lock friction joints
  • Locks and adjusts so you can get the best camera angle
  • Steadies camera with rigid hold coupled with lightweight design
  • Releases quickly with a flick of the StarPort lock
  • Boom breaks into 3-pieces to provide multiple mounting height options
  • Made from high quality, waterproof, and UV-proof materials

8. Kayak Hardware

As much fun as it is to rig elaborate and technical accessories on a fishing kayak, sometimes you just need the basics. Whether that’s bungee cord, lashing hooks, cleats, handles, or something else, T-H Marine’s Kayak Essentials® line has you covered. This expanding collection has the quality products you need all in one place.

Fishing Kayak Accessories and Yak Products of All Kinds

When you have awesome accessories like the ones outlined above, along with the whole collection of T-H Marine paddlesports products, it’s fun to think about the possibilities for your fishing kayak. Where are you going to start your next kayak rigging project so you can explore and catch more?