YakGear Kayak Canoe Outriggers - Gen 2

By YakGear
SKU: 01-0096
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  • Comes with 2 outriggers, meaning one for each side of the boat
  • Outriggers provide added stability to any vessel
  • Adjustable outrigger arms are 30″ long and connect to the boat with a RAILBLAZA StarPort HD (included)

The new Gen 2 YakGear outriggers help you feel safe and secure in your kayak or canoe by utilizing the stabilizing effects of the re-designed floats. Stability while paddling is a problem for some paddlers. Whether you are standing to sight cast at fish, traversing through choppy waters, or paddling with the kids, the YakGear Outrigger system provides a more comfortable paddling experience. The YakGear Outriggers provide an easy to install safety net for everything from rocking back and forth to toppling into the water. This set comes with (2) outriggers, one for the port and one for the starboard side of your watercraft. The adjustable outrigger arms are 30 inches long and will provide a float base roughly 22 inches from the port and starboard side of the boat. The outriggers are attached by using a RAILBLAZA StarPort base mounted to the boat. The outriggers can be removed at any time making your watercraft easy to transport, leaving only the RAILBLAZA base. The adjustable outrigger arms can be raised independently if you are getting close to a dock or other obstruction. Installation placement of the outriggers may be mounted in the front or rear of your watercraft. The included floats have pre-installed threading (1/4 x 20 brass insert) to mount a RAILBLAZA StarPort HD (included) directly to the float, which is used to connect to the outrigger arms. These outriggers can attach to a canoe by using a piece of Hardie board (not included). These outriggers are best for total weights under 350 pounds. As always, this complete kit comes with all stainless steel installation hardware, installation instructions, and rigging tips from YakGear.

In the pictures, you will also see how to install a thwart on your canoe to add YakGear Outriggers. You can use Hardie board or any hardwood. Screws for installation to the top of a gunnel will need to be purchased at a local hardware store. Pipe foam was added on the front and back to hang your favorite lures. You can also use the thwart as a console to add a Railblaza DrinkHold, StowPod, additional rod holders or a Fish Finder Mount.


  • Optimal for total weights under 350lbs
  • Available to add to canoe by mounting bases to Hardie board (not included)
  • Installation instructions and hardware included for kayak mounting
  • Mounting for a canoe may need additional hardware found at your local hardware store (see pictures)
  • Canoe/kayak not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael S.
No instructions

Would have been nice if they put instructions in with it.

Scott M.
Love this product.

What a great product. It’s adjustable, looks good, easily installs and is very stable.


Installation was alittle difficult because I didn't use the well nuts..! I used Stainless steel washer, bolts and access hole... To mount it through the hall of the Kayak. Finding proper angles and setting floats was a slight issue. I had to do some playing around with rod and mounting joints to get what I wanted..! But after the installation was complete. They worked excellent..! Very stable fishing platform..I can sit side ways with my feet in the water.. Can stand if need be and Kayak just sit. Also has attractive style to it. Looks pretty good sitting in tha water..!


Very nice product, only suggestion I have is the adjusters on both ends of the arms could be made with finer teeth for better fine adjustments rather than every 12 degrees. Otherwise product is very well durable and very well designed.

Julio R.
Still waiting

It had been over 2 weeks and no answer from th marine need tracking number an had been not provided

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