Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker Kit

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  • Protects Trolling Motors from Damage
  • Contains 50 AMP Circuit Breaker
  • 3 feet of 8-Gauge Wire to Battery
  • Kit Includes Mounting Box, Fasteners,Second Ring Terminal for Attaching Trolling Motor Wire
  • CBBX-1 is housing box only for OEMs purchasing their own breakers
  • Can be used as main breaker off battery
  • Mounting Box allows for simple 4 screwinstallation of circuit breaker in any location
OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
CBBK-1-DP Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker Kit CBBK-1-DP
CBBX-1 Circuit Breaker Housing Box Only CBBX-1-DP


Standard Pack:
Distributor Packaged - 12/Box

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