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G-Force SILENCER Trolling Motor Vibration Pad


The G-Force SILENCER™ is a simple trolling motor modification that can help extend the life of your investment and improve function. Custom cut to fit both MotorGuide and Minn Kota trolling motor mounts, the G-Force SILENCER™ creates a soft padded surface on your trolling motor mount that eliminates abrasive metal-on-metal contact. In addition to extending the life of trolling motor mounts, the G-Force SILENCER™ also quiets the harsh “clanking” noise associated with pulling your trolling motor out of the water. Protect your investment with the simple and quick addition of the T-H Marine G-Force SILENCER™.

- Extends life of trolling motor
- Reduces noise and vibration
- Eliminates metal-to-metal contact
- Prevents harsh clanking when stowing trolling motor
- Available in Red and Black
- Package will contain product for MotorGuide and Minn Kota


Product Name

Distributor Packaged


G-Force Equalizer™ Trolling Motor Vibration Pad – Black



G-Force Equalizer™ Trolling Motor Vibration Pads - Red



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