Star Tron Stabilizer+ Fuel Storage

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  • PREVENT – Moisture buildup, gum, varnish, and carbon deposits
  • PROTECT – Internal components with premium corrosion inhibitors
  • ENSURE – Fuel quality up to two years for all-weather, any-season storage

Unlock the true potential of your fuel with Star Tron Stabilizer Fuel Storage. This revolutionary product is designed to keep your fuel fresh and stable during storage, ensuring optimal performance when you're ready to hit the water. Say goodbye to fuel-related issues like clogged injectors and carburetors. With Star Tron Stabilizer, you can trust that your fuel will remain clean and free from the harmful effects of oxidation and phase separation. This powerful formula works by dispersing water, preventing microbial growth, and rejuvenating old fuel. 

Experience smoother starts, improved engine performance, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Suitable for use in gasoline and diesel engines, this fuel stabilizer is a must-have for boaters who want to protect their investment and prolong the life of their engines. Simply add it to your fuel tank before storing your boat, and let it work its magic. Trust Star Tron Stabilizer Fuel Storage to keep your fuel fresh and your engine running at its best, season after season.


Add Star Tron Stabilizer+ to fuel prior to storing to protect against corrosion and fuel breakdown. Remove cap and pour directly into tank.

WORKS IN ALL GAS ENGINES. Not recommended for diesel fuel.


  • 1 oz. treats 5 gallons of gas
  • For all ethanol blends and non-ethanol gasoline (petrol)
  • Not recommended for diesel fuel

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