The Original Boat Gadget

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  • Multiple Tools in One
  • Available in Silver, Royal Blue, and Orange
  • Constructed of durable plastic, ideal for the marine environment
  • Safety clip

Tool Descriptions

  1. SQUARE DRAIN PLUG WRENCH: No more carrying a heavy, rust-prone metal wrench to loosen or tighten your boat's drain plug. Boat Gadget fits snugly on square drain plugs and is built tough enough to handle the torque.
  2. SAFETY WHISTLE: For your safety, the safety of others on the water, and to meet legal requirements, Boat Gadget ensures you'll never be without your sound-signaling equipment thanks to this handy (and loud) safety whistle.
  3. 30 MM & 35 MM DECK GAS CAP KEY: Boat Gadget makes opening your boat's deck gas cap a breeze. For both 30 mm and 35 mm deck gas caps.
  4. FLIP TOP GAS CAP CRANK: No more struggling when it's time to refuel. Boat Gadget makes short and easy work out of opening your boat's flip-top gas cap.
  5. FLAT TOP DRAIN PLUG TOOL: No more loose-fitting pliers or rusty wrenches necessary. Boat Gadget fits snugly onto any flat top drain plug, and it's built tough to provide the leverage you need to break it loose and securely tighten it again.
  6. BOTTLE OPENER: Considered by some to be the most crucial tool on any pleasure boat, Boat Gadget's built-in opener is ready to pop the tops on your bottles for years to come.
  7. WINE BOTTLE OPENER: Sure, many of Boat Gadget's functions can be duplicated by other tools, but there's really no substitute for a good wine bottle opener. Luckily, Boat Gadget can do what those other tools can do AND open your wine.
  8. CANVAS SNAP OPENER: You want your canvas snaps nice and tight. But getting them loose can be rough on your fingernails, and sharp tools can tear your canvas. Boat Gadget opens snaps with ease, and won't tear your canvas.
  9. MOLDED NOTCHES FOR 6" DECK PLATE: Loosening those water-tight deck plates without the right tool can be one of the most frustrating tasks on a boat. Naturally, Boat Gadget loosens them quickly and easily.
  10. FISHING LINE CUTTER: Don't "fish around" for a knife or other sharp fishing line cutter. Boat Gadget's fishing line cutter makes short work of fishing line quickly and safely.
  11. T-BAR DRAIN PLUG HOLE CRANK: It's the perfect fit for drain plugs, and the T-handle design gives you the leverage, grip, and convenience you need to remove tight or crusty drain plugs with ease.

Boat Gadget is a multi-tool designed and made by real boaters, who were inspired to create it after years on the water. This single piece of equipment replaces over ten tools in your boat's toolbox, freeing up space on your boat, and helping to ensure you always have the right tool for the job when you need it, where you need it. It's all the boat tools you always need, but in a single handy gadget!

Boat Gadget is made to last, molded from tough, durable, plastic so it will never rust. It fits in your pocket, and it comes with a handy clip for safely and securely mounting in your boat.

Available in Silver, Royal Blue, and Orange.

Mounting U-Clip Included.


  • Colors: Silver, Royal Blue, and Orange
  • Material: Plastic


  • Square Drain Plug Wrench
  • Safety Whistle
  • 30 MM & 35 MM Deck Gas Cap Key
  • Flip Top Gas Cap Crank
  • Flat Top Drain Plug Tool
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wine Bottle Opener
  • Canvas Snap Opener
  • Molded Notches For 6" Deck Plate
  • Fishing Line Cutter
  • T-Bar Drain Plug Hole Crank

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