V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System



  • Allows continuous oxygen to flow inside of your livewell
  • Releases heat and other metabolic gases
  • Easy install
  • No electricity required
  • 2 per pack
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In a sport as competitive as tournament fishing, a tenth-of-an-ounce can mean the difference between cashing a check and going home empty handed. That is why New Pro Products developed the patented V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System; a unique, low-cost livewell modification that will simplify your fish care management by addressing all stressors that harm fish in the livewell and eliminate costly dead-fish penalties.

The New Pro Products V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System allows continuous oxygen to flow inside of your livewell and provides a release for heat and other metabolic gases, which can be harmful to fish. Incredibly easy to install, the V-T2 mounts flush to your livewell lid.

In addition, the V-T2 needs no electricity, so it won't tax your already-overloaded batteries. Universally adaptable to any livewell, the V-T2 is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure that your fish make it the scales in optimum condition.


To install the V-T2's, you will need a hand drill, a drill bit set, a Phillip's screw driver, a 5/16" wrench, a 3" Bi-Metal hole saw and a garbage bag to be placed in your livewell to catch the shavings from the cuts.

It is recommended to cut the holes in your livewell lid(s) as close to the middle or center of the livewell lid and directly over the water to provide optimum circulation. The can be placed a little forward, to the back, or to the sides as needed to meet your individual needs, but as much over the center of the water as possible. For livewells with two individual lids place one V-T2 in each lid.

For livewells with just one large lid, install both V-T2's in the lid and evenly space them out. Be careful to allow for needed clearance, so that the sleeve of the V-T2 will clear the livewell frame or any lid lift or locking mechanism. It is recommended to make the first few cuts or revolutions with the hole saw in reverse to cut the carpet, then place the drill in forward to cut through the lids. This will keep the carpet from threading out and make a clean cut. Place the V-T2's in the cut holes and use the VT-2 as your pattern for drilling the holes with a 9/64" drill bit. Attach the V-T2's with the provided marine fasteners. Tighten the nylon nuts by hand and do so slowly to prevent gallowing, which is a process that will cause the nut to meld and break the bolt.


  • Quantity Per Pack: 2
  • Tools Required: 5/16" wrench, drill, 3" hole saw bit, drill bit set, Phillips screwdriver
  • Compatibility: Universal fit to any livewell

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mike S.
Works great and Easy to Install

Added these to my Ranger R70 rear Livewell cover. One large cover for the livewell so put both in the same cover. Install was very easy and straight forward! Fish will fair far better in the live well now with ventilation and the ability for gases to escape!

Sal P.
Livewell vents

Had no trouble with install. However, with Phoenix boats, there is no much room for error. I have not had time to fish tournaments since install. So I do not have any input with helping keep fish alive in the heat. TH Marine is an amazing company to order from. Very helpful and quick delivery!

Steven T.
V-T2 livewell system

Just got done installing this on my boat. I was having some trouble during tournaments with fish dying. I did some research and I was using all of the items that were recommended (Oxygenator and Gjuice) except these. Very easy to install and I showed my wife and she said if I didn't know they were not there before I would say they came with the boat.

Scotty B.
No more bad gas.

Very easy to install and remove all games out of the livewell leaving good air in the water to keep fish alive .

Thomas M.

Easy install, looks great, lets see if it makes a differents here in Texas heat is a big issue in the summer.

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