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Cable Boot


World's #1 Cable Boot

This is truly a functional motor well cable boot that is easy to install. No longer is it necessary to split or cut your motor well boot to pass cables through. This cable boot provides a fully open area to pass wiring and cables through and when rigging is complete simply pull cable tie snug around wires and cable to complete installation.

The cable boot is constructed of rugged black vinyl that resists ultraviolet rays, gasoline and oil. Other manufacturer boots are made of rubber which will degrade in the marine environment.  This cable boot is available in three sizes to cover all installation requirements.

Aftermarket kits are available that contain a cable boot and a cable boot reinforcing ring for maximum security in mounting.



OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
CB-1 Cable Boot - 3” Boot - Black CB-1-DP
CB-1FW Cable Boot - 3” Boot - Fish White CB-1FW-DP
CB-1W Cable Boot - 3” Boot - White CB-1W-DP
CB-2 Cable boot - 2” Boot - Black CB-2-DP
CB-2FW Cable Boot - 2” Boot - Vinyl - Fish White CB-2FW-DP
CB-2W Cable boot - 2” Boot - White CB-2W-DP
CB-4-DP Cable Boot - 4-1/2” Boot - Black CB-4-DP
CB-4FW Cable Boot - 4-1/2” Boot - Fish White CB-4FW-DP
CB-4W Cable Boot - 4-1/2” Boot - White CB-4W-DP
CBK-1-DP Cable Boot - 3” Boot with Ring - Black CBK-1-DP
CBK-4-DP Cable Boot - 4-1/2” Boot with Ring - Black CBK-4-DP


Packaging: bulk pack, standard pack 50 skin pack, 12 per carton

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