Bulkhead Strain Relief

Prevents Kinks and Chaffing in Hydraulic Steering Hose
  • Distributes Strain From Bends in Hose
  • Water Tight Gripper Fitting — No Leaks
  • Great for Hydraulic Steering Hose
  • Bulkhead Fitting Has Flange for Protection
  • Flange available in black or chrome plated
  • Flange is 2-3/4” Dia. & Requires 1-1/4” Installation Hole

NOTE: Only bulk hose can pass through this fitting. Pre-made hoses with end fittings cannot pass through.


OEM/Bulk Product Name Packaged
BSR-1-FH Bulhead Strain Relief for .250 OD to .485 OD Fuel Hose BSR-1-FH-DP
BSR-1K Bulkhead Strain Relief Hose Kit BSR-1K-DP
BSR-1K-CB Bulkhead Strain Relief – Chrome Brass Base BSR-1K-CB-DP


Standard Pack:
OEM – Bulk 50/Box
Distributor Packaged – 12/Box

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