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Scupper Flapper Repair Kit


Our flapper scupper repair kit should take care of any flapper replacement job.  The traditional flapper scuppers use molded rubber flappers that curl and deform over time, requiring replacement to prevent leaking.  Our flappers are not rubber, but are molded of a thermoplastic elastomer that is resistant to UV and the elements, so they do not curl like the rubber flappers.

Repairs most scuppers with flappers, regardless of manufacturer.

Kit contains all parts needed to repair 2 scuppers of a given size.  Each kit contains 2 each of: 1-5/8" flappers, 1-7/8" flappers, and 2-1/4" flappers, and all necessary keepers and fasteners.


        OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
        FSRK-1-DP Flapper Scupper Repair Kit - Black FSRK-1-DP


        Standard Pack:
        Distributor Packaged – 12/Box


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