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Max-Air™ Livewell Venturi Aerator

Max-Air™ Venturi Livewell Aeration System

Independent marine biologist testing shows that this type venturi livewell fitting is the most efficient aeration system available.

  • The venturi system draws fresh air from outside the livewell and injects tiny air bubbles into the water flowing into the livewell.
  • With the aerated water entering the well at a lower level than with traditional spray heads, the entire well is more thoroughly aerated.
  • The reduced restriction of this fitting allows more water to flow from the pump than traditional spray heads.
  • The faceplate inlet can be mounted anywhere above the waterline (exposed or concealed).
  • System requires 1/8" tubing (speedo tubing is recommended).
  • Most Efficient Aeration System Available
  • Injects Air Low Into Livewell
  • Fits 3/4” Hose
SKU Product Name Packaged
MAV-2 MAX-AIR™ Venturi livewell fitting only MAV-2-DP
MAV-2K MAX-AIR™ Venturi Kit With Face Plate MAV-2K-DP
MAV-2KT-DP MAX-AIR™ Venturi With Face Plate and 6’ Tubing MAV-2KT-DP


Standard Pack:
OEM – Bulk 50/Box
Packaged – 12/Box

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