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Aerator Spray Head / Wash Down Combo Fittings


One Fitting Does Two Jobs
Spray Head & Wash Down Fitting

When You Need to do a Simple Clean Up Job Simply Screw Off Spray Head Tip and You Have a Wash Down Fitting that Fits a Standard Garden Hose Connection. Easy and Economical Way to do Two Jobs With One Fitting

  • Single Fitting Handles Both Jobs
  • Positive Action Shut-Off Valve
  • Multi- Directional Spray Head
OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
AHVWD-90 Spray Head/Wash Down - On-Off Valve - Black AHVWD-90-DP
AHVWD-92 Spray Head/Wash Down - On-Off Valve - White AHVWD-92-DP

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