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1-1/8 inch Straight Thru-Hull Fittings

T-H Marine - #1 Plastic Thru-Hull Supplier in the U.S.A.

Our molded Thru-Hull fittings are used by more OEM boat builders than any other brand.

All T-H Marine Thru-Hull Fittings are made of the highest quality virgin material to ensure consistent size, extra durability and attractive appearance. All materials are UV stabilized to provide longevity. T-H Marine has worked with major hose manufacturers to guarantee that our hose barbs have the exact specifications to fit hose securely so that your installations will be trouble free.

Thru-Hull Dimensions Chart - Straight (inches)
Black Part # White Part #  Chrome Part #  A  B  C  D (hose)  E
TH-1200 TH-1202 TH-1200CP  1-7/8"  3-1/2"  1-3/4"  1-1/8"  1-3/8"
TH-1200XL TH-1202XL TH-1200XLCP  1-7/8"  5-3/8"  3-3/8"  1-1/8"  1-3/8"
OEM/Bulk Product Name
Distributor Packaged
TH-1200-DP Thru Hull - Straight - 1 1/8" Hose - Black TH-1200-DP
TH-1202 Thru Hull - Straight - 1 1/8" Hose - White TH-1202-DP
TH-1200CP Thru Hull - Straight - 1-1/8” Hose - Chrome Plated TH-1200CP-DP
TH-1200XL-DP Thru Hull - Straight - 1 1/8" Hose - Extended- Black TH-1200XL-DP
TH-1202XL Thru Hull - Straight - 1 1/8" Hose - Extended- White TH-1202XL-DP
TH-1200XLCP Thru Hull - Extended Length - 1-1/8” Hose - Chrome Plated TH-1200XLCP-DP


Standard Pack:
OEM - Bulk 50/Box

Distributor Packaged - 12/Box

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