Banshee Alarm Padlock



  • Great for trailer couplers, gear boxes, rod lockers, etc
  • Vibration activated as alarm increases
  • Can be de-activated for trailering
  • Fits most trailer couplers
  • Weatherproof
The Banshee Alarm Padlock provides ultimate protection against theft for your boat or trailer. Its 110 decibel alarm is vibration activated and screams like a Banshee, ensuring your valuable possessions are safe. Trust this powerful and reliable padlock for peace of mind.

OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
LB-TLRLCK Banshee™ Alarm Padlock LB-TLRLCK-DP


  • Vibration activated
  • 110 decibel alarm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Timithy G.
Lock R Bar alarm

Great received it fast.

great lock

hooked it up with heavy cable , on to my canoe , one on the front and one on the back ,out of sight and secured to the trailer. take the load straps off and try to lift the canoe off it wont come and now you have two screaming banshees making there action known. This will definitely deter the five finger discount shopper ,surprise,surprise and the canoe it still attached to the trailer , and now five finger willy becomes the fifty yard dash by will he make it ,before he gets caught !!!!!!!

Randy D.
Banshee padlock

The service from TH marine was great, but I’m not sure about the lock yet. I haven’t put it into service yet, and I would have liked it to be a little louder, but I guess as long as it startles a would be thief and he takes off that’s all that matters. Nonetheless, the lock works as it’s supposed to, so guess I shouldn’t expect more.

Ronald K.
Banshee alarm

Lock was larger than I thought it would be. Do like it though.

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