HYDRA Battery Cable Extender

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  • Extends the length of your cables
  • Prevents the need for butt splices
  • Acts as a simple solution to many electrical rigging issues
  • Comes with stainless steel hardware, 5/16-18 stud

The days of struggling with marine battery connections are OVER. Along with the full line of HYDRA® battery accessories, the HYDRA® Battery Cable Extender Kit empowers boaters to go beyond the two posts on a battery so they can easily and efficiently manage their battery connections where it's more convenient. And it can even save you trouble if you rig on-board battery chargers. Each HYDRA® Battery Cable Extender includes both positive and negative terminals that can accommodate up to 2-gauge wire connecting back to the posts on the battery terminal. Additionally, each Battery Cable Extender uses stainless steel hardware with a 5/16-18 stud and a case to protect the in-line connection. The case then latches and unlatches for reuse and continued protection with water sealant or grease. With the Battery Cable Extender in place, it's a snap for boaters to access a convenient location for wiring-in accessories and lights and it prevents unwanted splicing with factory rigging.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Stud Size: 5/16-18
  • Terminal Polarity: Positive and Negative
  • Terminal Wire Size: Up to 2 Gauge

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