LED Lighting

LED Dome Head Livewell Light


Illuminate Your LIvewell for Easier Culling & Night Fishing
  • Totally Waterproof - Fully Potted (LWL-1P-LED model)
  • Can be Mounted Completely Submerged
  • Lights Livewells without Harmfull Heat
  • Neoprene Sealing Gasket Included
  • Requires 1" Hole for Installation

Also available in unpotted version LWL-1LED, which is waterproof from the front, but the rear is not waterproof.  This model uses a snap in LED bulb.  The body and mounting are the same as the fully potted version.

OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged  
LWL-1P-LED Livewell/Courtesy Light – LED – Potted - 1-7/8” OD White LWL-1P-LED-DP
Livewell/Courtesy Light – LED – Potted - 1-7/8” OD Blue 


Standard Pack:

OEM 50/Box

Packaged: (Skin Pack) 12/Box

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