Max-Air™ Livewell Venturi Aerator



  • Most efficient aeration system available
  • Injects outside air into livewell lower than traditional spray heads
  • Inlet can be placed anywhere above waterline (exposed or concealed)
  • System requires 1/8" tubing (speedo tubing is recommended)
  • Fits 3/4" Hose

The Max-Air™ Venturi Livewell Aeration System draws fresh air from outside the livewell and injects tiny air bubbles into the water flowing into the livewell. With the aerated water entering the well at a lower level than with traditional spray heads, the entire well is more thoroughly aerated. The reduced restriction of this fitting allows more water to flow from the pump than traditional spray heads. The faceplate inlet can be mounted anywhere above the waterline (exposed or concealed).

Independent marine biologist testing shows that this type venturi livewell fitting is the most efficient aeration system available.

SKU Product Name Packaged
MAV-2 MAX-AIR™ Venturi livewell fitting only MAV-2-DP
MAV-2K MAX-AIR™ Venturi Kit With Face Plate MAV-2K-DP
MAV-2KT-DP MAX-AIR™ Venturi With Face Plate and 6' Tubing MAV-2KT-DP

OEM/Bulk: 50/Box
Packaged: 12/Box


  • Tubing Required: 1/8"
  • Fits Hose: 3/4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Micheal H.
Fantastic air bubbles

Very good quality puts out a lot of air bubbles. Keeps my catfish lively through the whole night along with my bait fish highly recommended puts out air bubbles more than the stock aerator

Jessica P.
Great Product

In this hot Texas summer killing fish becomes unintentionally easier. The Venturi Aerator helps keep the water in the live well moving helping keep the fish breathing properly.

John W.
YEAR. Alive

One should be in every boat I put mine in a basscat eyra.

Preston R.
Great Company

This is a great place to buy your boating needs. I’ve bought two Hydrowaves, and several other things. They have the best Customer Service bar none. Some things are a little pricey especially if you are on a Fixed Income.

Great product if installed properly

I bought a 2018 Triton 206 FishHunter , and it came installed with a TH Marine live well Venturi, the only issue is that Triton installed it too high, so every time I run it, the water shoots through the live well lid/door making a mess. I would love to install an elbow, but the pvc that sticks out is an odd size thread? Suggestion how to fix this without having to install a new unit lower down in the well.

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