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Tilt and Trim Transom Clamp Adapter


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Transom Clamp Adapter (Item #13022)

For installation of motors mounted with transom clamps, an adapter kit is available.  This adapter kit is made for quick and easy installation of these type motors.

Works with CMC PT-130 Tilt & Trim, ATLAS THT-130C Tilt & Trim (our larger trim units sized for standard outboard engine mounting with BIA hole pattern).

Use with the PT-130 / THT-130C for installation of smaller motors mounted with transom clamps. This adapter kit is made for quick and easy installation of these transom clamp type of motors.

If your motor has clamps that tighten inside of the splash well, you will need to purchase this transom clamp adapter, if yyou want it to fit on Tilt & Trim units or Jack Plates designed for standard, full-size motor mounting.

Some motors are too big for the smaller Tilt & Trims or jack plates, but they need an adapter to fit on larger plates, these are the adapter plates.


OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
13022 Tilt and Trim Transom Clamp-On Motor Adapter (PT-130, THT-130C)

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