Push Button Trim Switch



  • Trim switch for outboards or stern drives
  • Hydraulic jack plate switch
  • Puts Tilt & Trim Control Anywhere
  • Weatherproof Control Switches
  • UV stable molded housing
  • Can Also Operate Power Jack Plates

Put a Transom Trim Control Switch / Hydraulic Jack Plate Switch anywhere you want with this versatile switch. The Transom Trim Control Switch provides a weatherproof tilt control system at the stern area of the boat to facilitate placing motor support in position with one person. Switch can also be used for remote adjustment of hydraulic jack plates. The switch housing is molded black plastic with raised white letters and may be mounted on any flat surface, comes with 18" pigtail wire and installation instructions.

SKU Product Name Packaged
TTC-1-DP Transom Trim Control - 50 AMP TTC-1-DP

Packaging: bulk, open quantity skin pack, 12 per carton


  • Color: Black
  • Power: 50 Amp

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Donald P.
How do you get shocked from a rubber booted button?!?!?!?

I bought a boat with this switch installed by the previous owner. The dummy wired the switch directly to the wiring that runs the hydraulic motor so all the power that runs the lower unit up and down was going through the small wires on the switch and after a time the pigtail on the switch burnt up. I purchased a new switch and wired it to the RELAYS that run the hydraulic motor. No problems now! The folks that are getting shocked by this switch must simply have a wiring issue. The switch is rubber booted, rubber does not conduct electricity! The switches wiring only connects to the hydraulic unit, like your hot wiring it. No wires connect to anything else on the boat. Also, this switch is not available here but Amazon has it for $28.99. Great item, wish I had it on all the boats I've owned. Buy with confidence!

Daniel G.
Works well if I don’t touch anything metal on the boat with bare skin.

If I touch any part of my aluminum job boat with bare skin while I operate the trim switch it shocks me

Roger A.
Up button jolt.

Up button leaves me with a biting jolt.

Benny S.
Quick fix!

I bought this because the trim up and down side of the control board in the front of my boat went bad, so instead of spending $350 on a new control board I bought this and wired into the wiring that was already up there. works great!

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