4" Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock



  • Locks hydraulic steering when trailering
  • Fits most steering cylinder rods on outboard engines
  • Snaps over outboards hydraulic steering cylinder rods
  • Helps keep engine centered during transport
  • Protects steering system, outboard, and motor supports
  • Includes cord to connect units for storage and to aid in removal
  • Grip makes it even simpler and easier to put on and take off

Meet the new and improved 4" Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock!

New design: Now even better for locking hydraulic steering when trailering.New grip! Easier to install and remove!

T-H Marine developed the first steering stop available for outboard motors and now we've revised that design so it stands apart from imitation and performs better than any other on the market.
With our 4" Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock in place, boaters can center their outboard motor equipped with hydraulic steering and keep it from wandering when trailering. Similar to the original Steer Stop, units clip onto hydraulic steering rams on either side of outboard to keep engine straight and prevent damage to motor supports. The cord then keeps units together when stowed and aids removal.
Additionally, with the new grip built into the design, it is easier than ever to install and remove the Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock, saving you effort and wear and tear on your hands.

Note: the 4" Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steer Lock fits Seastar and Baystar hydraulic steering.


  • Comes as a set (for each side of the steering rod)
  • Length: 4"
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Cord: Included

Customer Reviews

Based on 155 reviews

Glad I purchased this


Snap on easily and hold the motor straight quality product and the shipping was fast.

Mitch B.

I had to pull over two times due to my motor falling over to one side. My motor pushed the “steering stop” almost completely off of the steering cylinder rod on one side. After the 2nd time pulling over I dug out my old ones and put them on.

Fits tight, works great

Fits tight with no engine movement. Little snug to remove sometimes but that keeps them from coming off on rough roads.

Chuck B.
Outboard Steering Lock

Great quality compared to the red plastic ones and others. Fits tighter, is more durable, and has a "handle" for easy removal. No comparison to others on the market - better by far!

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