Pro Hi-Jacker™ Jack Plate



  • One-Piece Design - Top Adjust
  • Locking Bars Allow One Wrench Adjust

Pro Hi-Jacker™ Jack Plate

SKU Product Name Packaged
JP-ADJ-BOLT-DP Center Adjustment Bolt & Collar - All Models JP-ADJ-BOLT-DP


  • Material: 3/8" Aluminum
  • Maximum Power: 175 HP Outboards
  • Vertical Adjustment: 4"
  • Setback: 6"

Customer Reviews

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High quality

James S.
jack screw frozen, otherwise fine

I have an old pro hi-jacker, and it looks like they are still made exactly the same. It works fine for set-back and for height-tuning a new rig, but it does not function for later jacking, such as for shallow water. The problem is that the jack screw and most of the locking bolts are stainless steel going into aluminum threaded holes, which is a recipe for corrosion. In my boat, they are frozen in. That would be fine if I didn't want to adjust the jack plate ever again, but I want to run shallow in grass flats. I was able to break off and replace the locking bolts (with SS nuts this time), but the jack screw & collar are specialty items... out of stock. If you have this product, do your adjusting early in the boat's life, and then leave it alone forever. It is not something you can count on adjusting later, definitely not on the water. You might try anti-seize on the threads, but my experience repairing machinery was that eventually SS bolts in aluminum holes will corrode and lock up. For the product design staff: the stainless bolts are appropriate, just make the threaded-hole parts of bronze instead of aluminum.

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