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Rod Tube End Flanges


Fishing Rod Tube Ends - Organize and Protect
  • Tapered Inside to Protect Rod Tips
  • Use with T-H Marine rod tubes or PVC pipe
  • Construct custom rod tubes for any application
  • Mount your rod storage tubes in any compartment or bulkhead
  • Flanges also serve as bulkhead passages for wires and hose
Rod Tube End Flanges
Part # Description Color Fits
TE-1 Round tube end Black GT-2.250 or 2" PVC
TE-1FW Round tube end White GT-2.250 or 2" PVC
TE-1S Round tube end Sand GT-2.250 or 2" PVC
PH-3 Round tube end Black GT-2.60 DISCONTINUED
PH-3FW Round tube end White GT-2.60 DISCONTINUED
PH-3S Round tube end Sand GT-2.60
TEO-2.50-1 Oval tube end Black GTO-2.50
TEO-2.50-2 Oval tube end White GTO-2.50
TEO-2.50-3 Oval tube end Sand GTO-2.50
TEO-3.00-1 Oval tube end Black GTO-3.00
TEO-3.00-2 Oval tube end White GTO-3.00
TEO-3.00-3 Oval tube end Sand GTO-3.00


SKU Product Name Packaged  
TE-1 Tube End - Fits GT-2.250, Black TE-1-DP
TE-1W Tube End - Fits GT-2.250, Oyster TE-1W-DP
TE-1FW Tube End - Fits GT-2.250, Fish White TE-1FW-DP
TE-1S Tube End - Fits GT-2.250, Sand TE-1S-DP
PH-3FW Pedestal Holder / Utility Flange, 2 1/2" ID, White  PH-3FW-DP DISCONTINUED
PH-3S Pedestal Holder / Utility Flange, 2 1/2" ID, Sand PH-3S-DP
TEO-2.50-1 Oval Tube End, Black, For GTO-2.50 TEO-2.50-1-DP
TEO-2.50-2 Oval Tube End, White, For GTO-2.50 TEO-2.50-2-DP
TEO-2.50-3 Oval Tube End, Sand, For GTO-2.50 TEO-2.50-3-DP
TEO-3.00-1 Oval Tube End, Black, For GTO-3.00 TEO-3.00-1-DP
TEO-3.00-2 Oval Tube End, White, For GTO-3.00 TEO-3.00-2-DP
TEO-3.00-3 Oval Tube End, Sand, For GTO-3.00 TEO-3.00-3-DP


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