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ROD TAMER™ straps are the best design and highest quality of any rod holding device on the market. These straps are molded of black polyurethane material that will retain its stretch and remain unaffected by sunlight and most chemicals. Unlike the old hook-and-loop straps, they will not get hung up in fish hooks, they will not lose their hold when wet, and they will not fade out. Gunwale mount and deck mounts styles are available. With both styles the straps stretch over rods and hook into a loop mounted on the deck.

DECK MOUNTThe strap end mounts to the deck with one countersunk screw. This model is perfect for aluminum or foam-filled fiberglass boats that cannot accept the retracting gunwale mount version.

SKU Product Name Packaged
RHD-1 ROD TAMER™, 12" gunwale mount, holds up to 3 rods RHD-1-DP
RHD-2 ROD TAMER™, 18" gunwale mount, holds up to 6 rods RHD-2-DP
RHDN-1 ROD TAMER™, gunwale mount with small hook, 12" RHDN-1-DP
RHDN-2 ROD TAMER™, gunwale mount with small hook, 18" RHDN-2-DP
RT-14 ROD TAMER™, 14" deck mount, holds up to 4 rods RT-14-DP
RT-18 ROD TAMER™, 18" deck mount, holds up to 7 rods RT-18-DP

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Mark S.
Great service

Great products! I use the rod tamers on my blazer bass boat. Fish many tournaments years around. I would definitely buy from t-h marine again. I would love to be a pro staffer for t-h marine.

Jerome L.
Rod Tamer Strap Replaced Original Rod Hold Down Exactly

I bought several of these to replace shorter straps that had dried out and broke. You can cut these to length and use them with your old screw mount. Worked nicely.

Eduardo T.
Great replacement

Great replacement for the broken strap. I ended up replacing all of them

John M.
Hold it


jeff c.
Product and service good but website to hard to use

You’re web page is to difficult to use. I would have ordered a lot more items from you but I usually get frustrated and go somewhere else!

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