G-Force ELIMINATOR Trolling Motor Prop Nut Minn Kota



  • Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • O-ring dampens noise/vibration and secures nut
  • Wider contact area for a more stable prop
  • Cooling ports aid in heat dissipation
  • Anodized protected
  • No tools needed
  • Available in popular colors
  • Visually appealing
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.
  • Patent pending

One of the best-selling products in the G-Force line up is the ELIMINATOR Prop Nut. The ELIMINATOR Prop Nut is built to make your trolling motor perform better, longer, and quieter. With a patent pending design to lessen prop noise and vibration, the ELIMINATOR Prop Nut stabilizes the prop by providing a larger contact point. In addition, it acts as a heat sink and has built-in cooling ports that reduce the operating temperature for longer battery and trolling motor life. Made to fit most Minn Kota and Motorguide trolling motors, the ELIMINATOR comes in an assortment of colors to provide a sleek, matching aesthetic.

Note: Minn Kota Maxxum and Terrova trolling motors will require a Weedless Wedge 2 or 3 prop to use our Eliminator

Make sure that you're getting the most out of your trolling motor with the ELIMINATOR Prop Nut!

Factory nut and washer will have to be removed prior to installing Eliminator, also if you have an anode it will have to be removed as well to use our Eliminator


  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Tools Required: None
  • Compatibility: Minn Kota Maxxum and Terrova trolling motors require a Weedless Wedge 2 or 3 prop

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Troy S.
Simple and easy

This is a simple and easy way to be able to get line out or even change a damaged trolling motor prop on the water with no tools. I have had these on all my trolling motors and is part of the package of must installs on every new boat! Great product!

Jim F.
G Force Eliminator

It is great!!! Easy to install and works as advertised!!

David S.
G Force eliminator

The G Force eliminator trolling motor prop nut fits well and reduces vibration for my Ultrex trolling motor.

Ty K.
good but don't leave it on

So I learned the hard way. Do not leave this nut on the shaft!. I use mine in saltwater and although I wash mine after every use it seized on the shaft of my motor. I had to use force to get it off and it completely stripped the threads inside of the Prop nut. Luckily I was able to repair the threads on the shaft of the motor itself at my local MInn Kota dealer. If they hadn't been able to repair the threads it would have cost me an entire lower unit 800.00+. Not cool. I do like this piece and like that it makes taking the prop on and off easy. especially when your buddy wraps his line in the motor. I also like that it cuts through weeds better. I don't really know about the other stuff it's supposed to do but it might make some noise difference. I fish with plenty of other guys that don't have one and I don't see a noticeable difference. My Minn Kota dealer does not like these for the reason that happened to me. They see it too often. I have had my Nut for 6 years on 2 different motors before failure but also I didin't realize this until it was too late. I was on the water and had line in the motor and had to get it out, when it wouldn't budge. I had to abort my fishing trip to go home and deal with it. you cannot get this thing off on the water when it is seized. I ended up having to take a pipe wrench to it. I would say if you do get this for saltwater, you MUST remove it after every use and wash, dry and lube it before putting back on. I did not know this. When I called TH marine they told me this. Also note that there is only a 1yr warranty. I ordered another one, but I will not be using it unless I am on a trip where I will take 2 props. The customer service was pretty good though. they did give me 40 percent off a new one. I just don't think its worth the down side if you leave it on. I feel like most guys will not take it off each time they fish. In closing, its a cool product, but be very aware of its short comings vs. the simple stainless nut that you only need a socket to take on and off.

G Force Eliminator Prop nut

Works great and easy to install.

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