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Bait Fish HydroWave Expansion Module


Shad are undoubtedly the number one consumed forage for predatory fish nation-wide, with many of today’s best rivers and reservoirs providing this oily and protein-rich forage in great numbers. Some of the biggest bass in the reservoir go nomadic and feast heavily on these giant schools of bait balls all year. Tricking dominate fish like these into biting requires the angler to either stumble into an active environment or simply create one on their own by using the Baitfish Exspansion module to liven things up. The expansion comes pre-loaded with six perfectly tuned shad sounds from all times of the year, all capable of igniting a natural predatory response from even the most wise predators.

Included Sounds:

1)     Shad Blitz

2)     Shad Spawn

3)     Bait Ball

4)     Shad Eruption

5)     Spawn Frenzy

6)     Suspended Bait


What’s in the Box:


-       1 Bait Fish HydroWave Expansion Module

-       2 Mounting Screws

Ignite a Feeding Frenzy

The HydroWave Bass H2 is a Marine Audio Device based on the reactive senses of a Bass and other predatory fish, the HydroWave Bass H2 delivers the latests in patented, sound emitting technology, effectively imitating the audible underwater sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding activities. Research has proven these sounds stimulate feeding impulses in game fish.

95% Of Pro Anglers Use the Hydrowave 


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