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Introducing the NEW TPX 2nd generation plow type anchor!

The Tarpon TPX anchor is designed to work extremely well in most seabed conditions including sand, mud and grass. With the sharp angled nose of the fluke it cuts through grass and down into the bottom faster and sets quicker (sets within feet, not yards of your position). The anchor is constructed using two solid steel plates with only one weld point making it one of the strongest anchors available. Comes with removable roll bar which allows for various installations including bow split and thru-hull. The roll bar can easily be removed or reinstalled using only two bolts.

Made using the highest quality AISI 316L Stainless Steel using solid plates for maximum strength (not casted or hollow shank). Polished mirror finish. The TPX Anchor comes with a Lifetime Warranty* against breakage or manufacture's defects.

Anchorlift TPX anchors are exceptionally effective in a variety of sea beds:

Mud, sand, grass and the like are no match for the holding power obtained by this anchor. This anchor remains stable in all tidal conditions. Manufactured using 316L solid stainless steel (not casted) with only one weld point for maximum strength and corrosion protection. The TPX comes with a removable roll bar making it conducive for bow sprit and bow plank mounting. According to our testing, the TPX anchor holds up to 60% more weight than our competitor's Bruce® style anchors. All come with our signature Mirror Finish which is renowned for its appearance and style.

*See warranty for full details.

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