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Z-LOCK™ Manual Jack Plate


Z-Lock Jack Plate Revolutionary Design Adds Strength and Stability
The excellence of T-H Marine's HI-JACKER™ jack plate series continues with the Z-Lock Manual Jack Plate design upgrade.

Contact your boat manufacturer or local dealer for setback recommendation for your particular boat and also the affects adding a jack plate can have on your boat”

  • Z-Lock™ Jack Plate Design Eliminates Side Slippage
  • Matching slotted extrusions LOCK side plates in place
  • Strong Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Full ½” Material For Strength
  • Handles All V6 and V8 Outboards up to 300 hp
  • Easy to Adjust From Top of Jack
  • Available in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" setbacks
  • 5" of Vertical Adjustment
OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged  
JPZ-4-DP Z-Lock™ Jack Plate - 4" Setback JPZ-4-DP
JPZ-6-DP Z-Lock™ Jack Plate - 6" Setback JPZ-6-DP
JPZ-8-DP Z-Lock™ Jack Plate - 8" Setback JPZ-8-DP
JPZ-10-DP Z-Lock™ Jack Plate - 10" Setback JPZ-10-DP
JPZ-12-DP Z-Lock™ Jack Plate - 12" Setback JPZ-12-DP

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