BLUEWATERLED Truck Topper LED Lighting System

$59.24 $78.99


You no longer need to pack or unpack your truck bed in the dark. Our Truck Bed Kit is designed to fit underneath your topper and provide plenty of glare-free light. It comes with everything you need to light it up! One 40 inch / 60 LED Strip when mounted above the rear hatch can light up the entire interior of your topper and truck bed area!

The Truck Topper LED Lighting Systemincludes

  • 1 -60 LED /40 inchBlue Water LED™ Light Strips with 3M™ Industrial Waterproof Adhesive Backing
  • 1 - Waterproof push-button switch
  • T-tap and male connectors
  • 10' of wire
  • Mounting bases and cable ties

Product Warranty

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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