Snowy Start to the Bassmaster Classic

February 21, 2013

The T-H Marine Team is in snowy Tulsa, OK this week for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic. Keep up with all the latest from your favorite anglers on T-H Marine's Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and of course this blog.

Yesterday we woke up to heavy snow falling outside our window in Tulsa, OK and the T-H Marine truck was already covered in four inches of the white stuff! Immediately our thoughts turned to the anglers who were out in this weather for the last practice day of arguably the most important tournament of the year. Thankfully there wasn't as much snow over at Grand Lake, but the cold was described as bone-chilling by many of the anglers we got a chance to speak with. Overall the anglers seemed pretty happy with their last day of practice, and only two anglers opted to stay indoors instead of getting one last practice day in.

Classic rookie and Michigan native Jonathon VanDam was a little bit surprised with the weather at Grand Lake, but said he's definitely used to it by now. "We had about two inches of snow in the boat at one point, so actually it feels like I'm right at home in Michigan instead of here in Oklahoma," joked VanDam, "but it should be a great tournament and I'm really looking forward to it no matter what the weather does."

The weather isn't supposed to get any better today with the forecast calling for freezing rain and temperatures in the 30's, but thankfully today is media day and the anglers won't be out on the lake. For the first day of the actual tournament, temperatures aren't expected to get out of the 30's, giving anglers from the northern states plenty to claim as an advantage. It should be very interesting to see how the weather affects the fishing and if anybody from below the Mason-Dixon line can overcome the frigid temps to claim the most prestigious title in bass fishing.

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